Friday, November 29, 2013

Millie has a Family!!

Today I discovered Millie, the girl I've been praying for for a VERY LONG TIME, finally got a family! God does answer prayers :D

Its really great that she got a family. Maybe soon she'll have more to smile about!


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Millie's New Picture.

Today I found out that Millie Has A new picture. But she looks a lot worse! She is about 9 and she looks 5 sitting in a baby swing. she looks so sad!

See? doesn't she look sad? PLEASE pray For Millie! she needs a Family! she has a lot of money in her grant. and she looks so sad! she is just  a year younger than me. But she looks so much younger Please remember Millie in your prayers!

Love Hannah

Sunday, January 13, 2013

When will she get a family?

Hi! Hannah here

I prayed for Millie almost all of last year but she didn't get a family, I am praying that she will get a family this year, please pray this girl needs a family! there are so many people that adopt why hasn't Millie gotten a family? but it can be harder for older children to get family's but every time an older child gets a family it gives me hope that Millie can get a family to.

Sometimes I wonder if Millie will ever get a family but then I remember how long I prayed for Delia and when she got a family and the that gives me hope that Millie will get a family to.

Love Hannah

Monday, December 24, 2012

Millie's Christmas in the Orphanage

Hi Merry Christmas!

All of you who are reading this are probably spending Christmas at home with your families,
But Millie has no family it's already the night before Christmas in Bulgaria  and she doesn't even have a family coming for her! Hopefully she won't have to spend many more Christmases in her orphanage and someday she can spend every day with a kind and loving family who will never put her in an orphanage.

Love, Hannah

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Still Praying

Hi Hannah Here, I am still praying for Millie, she still has no family and It makes me sad to think that Millie will be spending her Christmas in an orphanage while I 'll be at home with my family.

Please keep praying for this girl so that one day she too can be at home with a family to love her and take care of her. I have been praying for her almost all year and I will keep praying for her until
she has a family.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Still praying.

Hi. Hannah here. its been a while since I my last post about Millie and she still has no family. I hope others are praying for her, does anyone else love this sweet girl? I have been praying for a long time but I will pray as long as I have to. here is a new picture of her.

She still looks so sad, Delia looked sad too but now that she has a family she smiles, and so that's  my prayer for Millie so she has a reason to smile.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Difference to These Three

I'd like you meet Sasha.

That sweet little bundle in her arms is her baby boy, Edik. Olga and her husband, Sasha are teen parents to this sweet little guy.

Olga and Sasha live in Ukraine....and they are homeless. They "graduated" from the orphanage where they grew up. They ended up on the streets. They have no family who can offer help and guidance as they grow into young adults.

They are blessed to have Christian friends who love them and want to help keep them off the streets  and help them get on their feet. The Bible Orphan Ministry's current project is to raise enough money to rent an apartment for the three of them for one year. The cost of the apartment is $150 a month. They also want to raise enough to pay for Sasha to take the bus everyday to his job.

There may not be a way for a few people to save all of the teens living on the streets of Ukraine, but the Bible Orphan Ministry team is hoping that God will make a way for them to make a difference to these three.

Please pray for them. You can read more and find out how you can help HERE

Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Call for Help

My dear friends at The Bible Orphan Ministry are praying that the Lord will send sponsors who are willing to commit $15 a month to sponsor boys in one of the poorest institutions they visit. These boys are the least of the least.  I cannot see their pictures without tears welling up in my eyes.

Surely, whatever we do for these boys we do for the Lord.

My friend Alla organizes everything at the Bible Orphan Ministry. She knows the director of the institution and says that he cares and tries to do his best, but they are not given enough from the government to support the boys. Alla has asked for people to step forward and commit just $15 a month toward the boys' care. She will provide accountability by taking pictures and sharing what is purchased for the boys. She said she can provide invoices so we can see how the money is being spent.

The Bible Orphan Ministry is not a large organization with salaried positions. It is a ministry made up of just a few people, once orphaned themselves, who work every day for the orphans in the towns near their own. They are truly living by faith, trusting the Lord to provide for them and for their ministry.

They bring the gospel to those who are locked away and have no other way to hear it, but they also come face to face with real physical needs. They see extreme needs and they ask for help in meeting these needs.

What else can they do but ask? For those of us living in the state of comfort with most, if not all, of our real needs met...what can we do, but answer?

The Lord said when we clothe the naked, feed the hungry and visit those who are locked away...we do these things for Him. These boys are hungry, naked and locked away. It is an amazing opportunity and a real blessing to see Jesus in the least and to be able to do something to help.

Please go read Alla's post and see the faces of these boys. It takes courage to really see them.

Read what she has to say about the institution and the needs they see there.

Please pray and ask the Lord to send people willing to help them.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Hi! This is Hannah you might remember I prayed for Delia. now she is home with her new family so I have picked a new girl to pray for, her name is Millie she is 7 years old. I hope there is someone out there who will adopt her and love her!

She doesn't look happy were she is. She looks like she is crying. She needs someone to adopt her and love her! I hope others will pray for her as well because praying for Delia taught me that God hears our prayers and answers them.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sweet Dreams Project

The Bible Orphan Ministry has started a new project. The Sweet Dreams Project is to raise money for much needed mattresses and pillows for children living in one of the orphanages that the Bible Orphan Ministry team visits. Please go HERE to read all about their new project and help them reach their goal.